Railroad Memories
     I have been a railroad buff since I began to crawl. I recently found some old photos in an box that I took in my early teens over seventy years ago.  Although none of  them are significant, I would like to share them with those of you who also have a love of western railroading.

                                           Peter Hoffman                                                           12/2023           
The San Joaquin Daylight double-heading through
the Tehachapis during the late 1940s.
Southern Pacific Cab-forward along the Carqueniz Straits 
between Crockett and Martinez, California.
Somewhere in the
Pacific Northwest.
Left, an 0-8-0
switching the the Klamath Falls yards.
Right, a long freight of mostly empty flat cars
heads out of Klamath Falls
behind a 2-8-8-2.
Both photos
Great Northern.
At left, an eastbound Sacramento Northern freight pulling out of Oakland, California, just east of Chabot elementary school.
The days of passenger service long gone,
 this quaint old
 Sacramento Northern
station  survived until
the rails were

Lettered Pacific Portland Cement, the 501 was originally Virginia and Truckee #13, the "Empire". and is now in the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento.  Photo taken in Oakland.
Santa Fe passenger train, 
Richmond, California
At the freght yards
in Richmond, California
Cascade Daylight
Oakland 16th Street Station
Noon Daylight, 3rd & Townsend, San Francisco, 
photo probably taken in the late 1940s, as this train
was discontinued in l949.  Normally pulled by GS-4.
At Keddie in the Feather River Canyon
At the yards in Oroville, California
California Zephyr at Oakland Shops 

Hope you enjoyed these old shots.  Even after 70 years,  looking at them takes me right back to the day I took them.     
Unknown location, possibly
16th Street Oakland area.
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Just east of Klamath Falls,
Oregon, this freight is headed
to Alturas, California
My photo from the late 1940's used on the cover of  a  2012 Calender.   Third and Townsend, San Francisco.
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Virgina and Truckee Railroad yards, Carson City Nevada late 1940s.